Well hello there! Why are you not playing in my club? Am i not funny enough? ;-)

Good day you magnificent solitaire player you.
I am the proud leader of team: Duca and i am desperately looking for new members.
We were solid platinum but now gold/platinum on and off because of loosing a few good players.

We can use upon 5 good new members so if a club with good members want to merge with us to form an unbeatable team let me know hehe.

So what kind of club are we? first the numbers:
20k/200 tributes a week/all chests/as many clubquests as possible and digging if you feel like it.
We are VERY relaxed and understand we all have busy lives so if you have a busy week, illness or vacation you will remain welcome, we are a very warm club.

We also love a bit of nonsense, discussion and humor in the chat sometimes, especially me hehe.
If you are looking for a warm funny club our weekly demands should be easy to get.

Make us go full platinum again and join DUCA i will promise you eternal fame and asskissing as long as you dont fart in our faces.

Come join us! We are waiting for you to get us back on full strength.

Members are mostly from europe and usa, NL/BE/USA mostly.

DUCA…find us…