welcome to Mammas :)

Hi there
I created this club for fun…
just play … and enjoy

Club name is

Mammas :slight_smile:


need more 4 members… if you interested look us up

Mammas :slight_smile:

type :
smiley face

Hello, I play almost every day, love the game, have been in a couple clubs and had my own for a while. But now life is a little crazy so I want to be able to make my contribution when I can. I am a strong player, but my hours are all over the place so sometimes I miss a day.

Hi try our club! DISILLUSIONED. We need more players. We have 14. 11 aggressive players left. We casual players stayed!

Ich vergötter dieses Spiel kann aber leider nicht täglich spielen, bin aber in dieser Zeit eine sehr aktive Teamplayerin und würde mich auch über Einladungen in Clubs oder ähnlichem freuen🤩