Weekly events hve become money grabs

I used to enjoy the weekly events - not so much the Great Race, since my eyes are weak and I can’t play for very long at one time; but the three ‘choose 1 of 3’ events. There was variety enough so that even if one was one of those “Grab & Go” ones where you have to earn x coins to get the prize, I could rely on completing one or two per week.
But now they seem to have ALL become the "Win 50,000 coins and capture (random prize). The only prize I ever went for was the big coin haul, since I never have enough coins to slog through the Tributes without running so low in them that I’m pretty useless to my club for a few days.
Now, though, it’s essentially a matter of (example) Winning 50,000 coins for a prize of 40,000 coins. And there’s no way to do that without spending considerably more than 40,000 coins to reach the goal. So it’s always a losing proposition, unless of course you spend actual cold, hard cash to buy scads of coins with which to play the game. And, while there was a brief period during which I had a bit of cash to spend, and did spend a bit, I’m no longer in that position and don’t expect to be at any time in the future.
So as the Topic says, the Weekly Events have become nothing but a cash grab - you can’t win the events, in all likelihood, without paying to win. I’m sure there are exceptions to the ‘rule’ as there always are, and a few who claim to have done extremely well without spending any money. But in my eyes the only way to accumulate coins is to not belong to a club (where if you’re a team player you feel obligated to spend coins for the team Perks) and slowly but surely accumulate daily coins until, after some relatively long period of time, you have a treasury of sorts with which to play without running out.
So for me it boils down to either going solo (I can’t even remember what free coins are available without a club), or quitting altogether. But since I have no prospects of becoming a money spender down the road, I doubt my opinion matters all that much.


Maybe you’re in a too competitive of a club. You should move down to a club that doesn’t require tributes and also move down to a less competitive league, gold or below, where the club quests aren’t so crazy and you can just play normally and get free stuff, free compared with not being in a club.

For me I have 1 day a week where I don’t play too much and instead focus on accumulating coins.

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I’m actually in a pretty relaxed club - there are a few rules, but the leaders are very understanding and I actually do enjoy it there. I can work hard one week, take a relative break the next, and as long as I contribute at least a little bit on a weekly basis (or let the club know I’ll be afk for a bit) there’s no trouble at all.
I tend to talk (and type) a lot, so it’s very possible (not being sarcastic at all) that my main message got lost in all my typing. I just don’t like the idea of spending 60k coins to earn 40k coins. It doesn’t benefit me, or anybody else, at all and I certainly can’t build up a ‘stockpile’ of coins that way. And for the past 2 weeks or so it seems that all the weekly events have been the ‘earn x amount of coins to get fewer coins’ type of events. I used to go all out for them if it was one of the ‘75 Aces for 40k coins’ type of event, since you could reasonably expect to come out on the winning end where coins are concerned. But if the events are going to be a constant spending to earn less type, then I won’t be participating; and since that is the best way for me to increase my coin total, I see no reason to put forth ANY effort when it only benefits the programmers and nobody else. Once I run out of coins, I can’t help my club OR myself.

I won’t disagree with you there, quest and level selection is pretty critical to optimizing one’s coin balance.

Actually you may want to reconsider the Great Race. You don’t have to actually do anything special to get an award of some sort, it’s only if you’re trying to get 5 wilds/volcanos does the attempt bleed into your bank account. Otherwise just collect the free wild or free 7k coins.

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