We want you, join the next big team

We are a new team called Pointhunters. We are made up of 14 former legend players.

We have decided to leave our former team due to lack of leadership and drama.

We are currently looking for good solid players. Who are bored of being a number and want a challenge.

We are a extremely fun and engaging team. Who are ambitious but also realise that life happens.

If you are interested please request join we are public at the minute. Please on joining just let us know you have seen the advert.

We look forward to welcoming you our new teammate.

@George_McGurk, welcome to the forum! Wow! Your team sounds challenging but fun! For those looking for a team, how about providing your team requirements, like minimum weekly points, maximum amount of time idle each day, etc. Best of luck to you!


Hi George, I and a few of my friends are interested in joining after reset tonight if you still have room on your team!
Andreana (Flowerp1)

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