We need a recharge!

My club, ClubHoose, is in need of some new players to bring the zest back to the game!! We have a good core group, one player has been with us since 2017, but some players have lost energy lately which tends to drag everyone down. We currently have 5 openings.

We try to walk the line between ambitious and relaxed. I like games to be games and hate to nag (it’s bad enough reminding a kid to do stuff all day, games should be an escape from that nonsense) so I haven’t set a minimum point rule for our club. I do ask that everyone gets at least 20 Tributes every day though. I also ask that everyone play every day or let us know through chat if you might be out or unable to play much.

If you’re looking for a club that works together as a team, please check us out! We’ve been in Gold League for as long as I can remember but I think we’ll need the energy of some new players to stay in Gold League.