We had a Spy for the Gem Competition??

We figured out we had a spy join our team just for the Gem Competition.

It was a player from the team that ended up winning the Gem Competition. After the Competition, the player left and went back to the other team…

Since the competing teams are all playing the exact same board, we figured out the player was letting the other team know which squares payed off the most coins- to concentrate and maximize their efforts and shovels.

Anybody else have this happen to them???

Way more cut-throat and devious than we expected. It’s just a game… :roll_eyes:

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I’m not sure that can happen…:woman_shrugging:t2:
Yes all the maps look the same and all the same gold is offered but I don’t believe it is placed in the same block for each team…
Example team A digs hole E3 =18 gold another teams E3 may only have 5gold.
I’m saying this as I play on 2 different teams and both teams have found gold in the same hole but NOT the same amount…


From the rules : “Each competing Club has their own Treasure Island, but the buried treasure is identical to the islands of the other 4.”

Ok you may be correct as I reread this is a copy

The Treasure Island is a small, but delightful island, where you’ll see a nice plot of land divided into a 6 x 6 grid of squares. Each square has Gold buried below it, but how much there is, and how deep the Gold is buried is a mystery. Each competing Club has their own Treasure Island, but the buried treasure is identical to the islands of the other 4.

I guess the solution to this would be to make your club private during dig time… as any members that enter during that time can not qualify anyways :woman_shrugging:t2:.

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I would think this would be hard to do since until the competition starts you don’t know who you are going up against.


Yes agree very time consuming To search each team and see if the are public if not waiting for a invite to be accepted.
This is just crazy to me… but Iv seen strange things before…

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My team doesn’t have turnover very often. Maybe once a month. So we haven’t had it happen.

But I’m curious how you figured it out? Short of someone telling you they were a spy, I don’t see how you can confirm it. Also, who would want to be the spy? Bc they’re not getting anything out of it. You have to qualify and dig at least once to win the rewards. Which they can’t do if they’re on a different team to spy. Sorry, just really curious ab it!


Hi everyone… interesting exchange. We have a different mystery that I want to run by you. Have any of you seen where suddenly a bunch of random spaces show up with single digs. We’re usually on chat together when we play so it really does seem random. At first we thght it might be someone not following the chat but that doesn’t seem right. We have a pretty engaged team. Just started wondering if it’s something built into the game? Would love to hear if you’ve run into this or have any ideas. Happy Thanksgiving

I know you qualify and leave the team and return…
I did to help our sister club. I qualified before I left and was still able to dig when I got back…


No, that hasn’t happened to us. More than likely u have some rogue digs going on and no one is fessing up. Not saying anything bad ab your team! It could be intentional, or an accident. I know I’ve dropped my phone and dug a new random hole when I tried to keep it from eating pavement, lol

Welcome to forum @Me11
You can search topics by using the magnifying glass in the upper right …i believe Iv seen others mention this under New club competition or new dig …
So yes I think others are having this issue.
I’m not sure i have noticed it on our team yet…
Best of luck

Hmm. That’s good to know. I was chatting ab this with my other leaders and we all agreed ed it’s probably not likely a spy scenario.
We could definitely be wrong tho!

Thanks for the suggestions

Wow! Something like that never crossed my mind for players to do this!
We have not experienced it, but on the other note our team locks the door on a Tues, I suppose it maybe better utilize to lock the door during the competition!


Don’t think you have to actually dig, just need to qualify

Yes, each week it changes. I tried for about a week to map out how many were in each hole and every week it was different. One week 8, one 12, one 1 one 18. I think your team needs to just get as many shovels as possible and dig together not having any shovels wasted.

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To me this, the mini’s and the Treasure Shrine are a waste of coins. Nothing benefits the club since you don’t earn club points.

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Are both teams at the same level exactly? I noticed with our club we always seem to have a person join during play and leave. . You just never know

We had that happen and it was a member who was just randomly digging. If you take screenshots of the dig site it shows the list of members who are playing and how many shovels they have used. We found out and explained how to play or simply dint qualify