We are 1 man down

At reset, MightyMisfits 2 will be in need of 1 player, who can replace a good player, life got in the way. This player would need to be able to get 9k by Saturday, and 26.5k by Thursday night. Join our Facebook page, be able to communicate and not be idle more than 18 hours. We are a close family group who get all 7 perks. We are a top team in platinum league. (3rd right now) If you think you’re a misfit, please let me know.

I would like to join your team, please. Let me know what to do.

Friend me on Facebook and send me a message

I sent you a message

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Well you know them Misfits sometimes they just make a comeback and kick some booty on that TriPeaks game

Can you dig it I know I can

Um…huh? No clue what you’re referring to.

I was just named the 25000 coins it’s all good

No idea what you’re talking about, but ok I guess.