Watching Ads Faltering?

Is anyone finding it so frustrating that keep getting the ads not available at the moment message - I play on 2 devices and it happens with both - suspect that more to do with server capacity than no ads as you you can “trick” it by coming out and going back in?


Same happening to me, if I come off it, then go back on , it’s ok, sometimes have to do that 3 or 4 times


Yeah, it’s been happening with me, too. I just wait a few seconds before I hit ‘watch again’ and it usually works then.

I do not have that problem with ads. My problem is after I watch the ad it is really difficult to get back to the game. Some of the ads just will not let you go. It has gotten so bad that I just say no thank you and I don’t watch them. I don’t miss the money. I have 33 34 million because I’m very frugal I play a lot without using boosters even. And I spend money only once a month to buy a club gift for my club.

This frustrate me all the time

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