Watch many Ads; no reward/credit

7 or 8 times, I am not given choice to select card for reward (?)

@iDanya, when that happens,does it just give you 1,000 coins?

Several times(?)

That’s a bummer! Have you reported it to customer service? In the game tap on Menu, then Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen.

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I don’t even bother watching the videos anymore. Plus I don’t have the “pick a card” either.

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Menu, help brings me here and I cannot find any place to discuss problems!

Thanks for commentary all.
No problem really, just curious if I do not correct))

@155778, you can discuss problems here, you can get suggestions from other players here, but we can’t reimburse or otherwise fix anything for you.

To contact customer service, after you tap on Menu, then on Help, look at the bottom of that screen for the Contact Us link. It should take you to a form to fill out.

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