Watch Ads removed from Free Coins

Watch Ads is gone! It was replaced by a link to the friend center. Has this happened to anyone else? I can’t find ads anywhere.

Same topic: for the past couple of weeks it was possible to watch an ad instead of pay to refresh Tributes. That helped me a lot.

I noticed that the advertisements for extra coins are gone today too. Hopefully this will just be a temporary thing, but I signed up to use this forum just to try and ask and find out. Perhaps they are working on some updates or something? If any Admins or Moderators know anything about this, or know who they can ask about this, then I hope they can tell us the answer. But, I really hope the ads are brought back soon because a lot of people who play the game find it useful to watch the ads for more coins.

It could be temporary with the latest update, since they do need ads to generate revenue. The link for friend center [ASK] has been there before. If you haven’t already, let TriPeaks support know about the issue,

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Mine is gone also…

I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I haven’t been playing as much lately and thought maybe I was being punished. :joy:

Just got ads back, temporary glitch maybe

Our team is missing it too!! Hope it is a bug

Same here, my ads are back!