Want to join club who has active members

I’m on daily but it seems clubs have people who are idle for days and days and a lot of the perks I M not getting, especially when I need to unlock something and you need 25 people to unlock.


Click on the discover tab on the club. There you will see all the clubs that have openings. Most will wait until after perk reset to accept new players

Team Lee has 1 opening. We have an 18 hr idle time and need 21,000 for the week. We had been staying in top 500 until we lost a team member this week, who played a lot. We are looking to get back up there.

Hi I am looking for a new team mate and we are semi competitive. My team requires 20k per week 150 Tim is read chat and play everday unless you let us know. We are friendly and reasonable. Come and check out Charlie’s Place.

Still looking for a new team?