Want to build up? We got you! Join our team! Diamonds 4 ever

Our team’s goal is to rebuild…we are a solid Diamond League that neared Legend at times, completing perk 6 by Saturday (cause we love Goldie) and quests regularly. We got a few new players that didn’t quite fit in and…well… we lost some really good and cool teammates. Over the last few weeks we’ve stumbled down to Gold. The leaders are still strong and some of the players have stuck it cause, well, we’re an AWESOME team!! :grin::grin::grin:

We are a team built of strong players, we are friendly, polite, we communicate, we support each other, but most importantly we like to play the game!

We believe that tribs are priority since they offer most club points. We have a chat on messenger to offer tips and club info.

Life happens, so we keep going! If you want to have fun and win, check us out…Diamonds 4 ever!