Volcano question

Once have finished all the quests does it matter if let the volcano max out? I know it pauses perk progress until cooled if this happens, but does it prevent you from getting perk rewards from perks already earned? I’m guessing not and want to make sure.

Had a club member ask about keeping it cool now, even though our volcano isn’t that warm and I wasn’t 100% sure how that worked for earned perks. I mean I’m guessing it’s best not to have it maxed right at reset because then wouldn’t earn towards the perks right away until it was cooled.

Since I joined this club in May and eventually became leader we have never let the volcano max out. So figured I would ask as I’m not sure exactly what happens. Thank you in advance to anybody that can provide information.


If the volcano exploded then you are unable to get any perks earned or earn anymore until its cooled off. It’s best to keep it cool always. Hope that helps


Thank you for the info!

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