Volcano meter shows different levels for same team

Hey everybody! I’ve got a question & can’t find any answers anywhere else… Why do different team members show the Volcano at different levels? Say, my meter shows the Volcano meter rising at the halfway mark& another team member shows the meter just under the first bar… Why don’t we all have the same level reflected on our screens within the team? Any & all replies appreciated! Thanks!

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I’ve never known this to happen in my club, but I’m bumping the post so maybe u can get an answer

Maybe (And I don’t know if this is true) if one person has much more tributes than the other, maybe their volcano shows less of an eruption because they have more tributes???

I’ve never known this to happen. But I’m curious now. How did you find out?

I found out when I alerting the team that the Volcano needed to be cooled… my meter was showing it rising mid way high… Another team member asked why I was sounding the alarm? It was then that I got a notion to ask where everyone else were on their meters… then found out that we didn’t have the same levels across the board… still no answers from support; still asking in the forum.

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind, but I don’t think that’s the problem. I usually have the most Tributes on my team & I sounded the alarm when others didn’t seem to have the same level showing.

Well that disproves my idea, I guess. It was the one my thing I could come up with. Now that I think of it, there was 2 instances that made me go hmmmmm. Once I had got rid of all 5 of my “jumpy guys” (that’s what I call the tribute bouncing next to the number) and i still had an orange line, it didnt go down to zero. Another time i had got all 5 of my tribs and someone elses name came up on chat as their volcano was about to erupt. And it made me wonder if everyone on the team got the same info as far as eruption things went.

Here’s a question…if someones volcano erupts does everyone lose out or just that person? Just wondering…

Great question, Joseph, I’m gonna keep up with this and see if anyone finds out the answer.


I had this happen quite a while ago, didn’t matter what I did that pesky volcano kept rising! However other players on my team said, it’s fine, the volcano was cooled! I would close and restart the game, most cases that fixes the situation you also could put in a ticket through the game glitch section, while you are on the game, click help, and still need help, and follow the steps from there, ut helps to offer feedback of tbe game so that developers are made aware

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I’ve submitted a ticket on this to the help desk. Thanks for your feedback, though!

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It is my understanding that if Any Volcano erupts, it erupts for the team (it hasn’t gotten that far!). I’ve submitted a ticket and will share when they respond. Thanks for replying!

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Hey all! Sorry I forgot to update you on what happened… GSN asked for screenshots, I provided & finally got it all fixed… The only time this has come up again is when a player has been inactive for a considerable amount of time (17 hours) the Volcano meter may be different. Once you play the game or shut down & restart, we’re all showing the same level. Hope that helps & answers any other questions. If you find yourself or your team in the same circumstance, see if you or your team mate has been idle for a long time first, it that doesn’t work send in a ticket. :blush: