Volcano cards glitching

Is anyone else having issues with volcano cards? The last few I have used did not clear 5 cards. And they weren’t levels that had traps or anything that would have used them that way.


Yes several on my team have been complaining of it only clearing 3 or 4 cards

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When there are 5 cards left the volcano only clears max of 4

Yes, primarily on tiki skies. Sometimes on barrier island. I avoid using volcanoes on skies if at all possible.

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Yes. Lots didn’t clear 5 cards.

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Same here, started after the last software update.
I wish they would fix it ASAP.

Same here. Its very frustrating when you covet the card and use it at what you think is the best moment. Ugggg

Request help and they will send you either coins, wilds or volcanos.

I contacted support and received coins and information that this problem is being addressed


I did as well, about a week and a half ago, nothing has changed. The volcanoes are still not working properly.

Yes I had issue with that too. I noticed it playing the mini tiki games. I thought maybe it cleared a different amount of cards for that part of the game so I didn’t dispute it :confused:

I feel like there have been several bugs in this last update. Would I hate is working my butt off for 50 stars and to get a chest that goes poof! nothing there! No reward. This keeps happening on all kinds of chests. And the volcano card bug is absolutely irritating when you have to turn around and use a wild on that last card or pay for more cards, depending on the timer. So I use twice as many cards as necessary between volcano and wild. IF they’re addressing it, they will probably take their time, as it gives them extra money. Personally I’m just taking a break until it is fixed. :sob:

It has happened to me, too. Not every time but when I use it I expect that it will take out 5 cards. Frustrating!

Yes it’s been happening. Send it to help every single time it happens!