Videos payout different per account

Why do some accounts get up to 5,000 coins for videos while other accounts only get 1,000? The ones with 1,000 at least get the wild card after four videos now but the maximum amount of coins is still 1,000. I used my daughters iPad one day and before I logged her out I collected her videos and other bonuses for the day and noticed she had up to 5,000. I logged out of her account and into mine and on the exact same device my account only got 1,000. So they pick and choose who gets the higher paying ads? I used to think it varies depending on your device but I literally got 5,000 coins on my daughters account using her iPad and 10 mins later or less after logging into my account could only get a max of 1,000 coins and no wild card. I guess I should be thankful for the wild card at least. But that just seems so wrong to allow one player so much more of an advantage. But no different than the Luau I suppose. Still it isn’t right


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It maybe worth clearing the cookies from your browser. Amazon and others charge different prices dependent upon your browsing history so this may (or may not) work.

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They changed something so now my iPhone gets 5000 pick a card again. I’m guessing everyone now gets the pickww a card with no more just 1000 coins anymore


I documented over the last week what I got from watching the ads in terms of highest amount, middle and lowest amount. I got the lowest amount 95% of the time, and this was often around 300 coins - so it is definitely not random.

There is some sort of glitch where people are getting 5000 coins each ad but only after the wild card.

It’s not a glitch, it’s the fail safe they have in case your game crashes during an ad. Fully close out of the game while watching and relaunch the app, you’ll get 5k every time after the wild. Before the wild you only get 1k.

Lots of players can’t watch videos at all, for weeks now. Tickets send to GSN, but no response.