Very Hard levels

Instead of having Very Hard levels, why doesn’t this just label them as Money levels because if you don’t have money for extra cards, you LOSE a lot of games with having just one card left. Very frustrating. I have spent way too much money on this. I may have to quit because I can’t afford to keep doing this.


hi @Maria_Johnson! I have done the same thing. Lost 600k coins in one day. I’ve found that it doesn’t do much good to get deeper into game levels. I usually stay in Tiki Islands and Tiki Skies. Once you get into Tiki Seas and Expert Levels, games are much harder to win. Plus when you play the Tributes (Volcano), it gives you games in higher levels to win each hour. I stopped chasing Poi a long time ago when I read another forum and someone mentioned this. Made sense, that lightbulb above my head came on. Since then, I’ve found the game much more manageable. There are still plenty in lower levels that end with one card. I find it’s best to never ever buy additional cards. For the 6K cost, you can play that same game 2 more times. If you are playing for Tributes, for 6k you can get 10 more Tributes games to try (3000 coins to immediately refresh for more Tribute games) I do refresh Tributes because you typically earn more points. I also save my Boosters for Tribute games. Hope this helps.

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I did delete this game. Not sure why I’m still getting email notices, but this app is a crock. Money grubbing developers.

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I’ve curbed my playing. I can’t afford to play this. I got told a few tips that have helped out so I still play but just not as often.