`Very disappointed, after last update

You do not win anymore. When you play and need to ad another 5 cards for the game. It is upsetting that on that cards you dont even win or finsh up on to the end. I start playing yesterday afternoon up until know and all what i got is loosing.


@Marionette_Sutherlan, welcome to the forum. I’ve played for over three years and have found that the game ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’ll have a day with a lot of wins, others I can’t seem to win to save my life. Give it time, the game will loosen up again.


I have only won an handful games in past 2 weeks,I agree.The game is that bad I am as many of my team going to leave the game

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I’ve been playing this game over a year now and the last four months have been hard. I use more cards now than I ever have and I use more coins than ever. If it weren’t for my club (which I love) I would have uninstalled by now.

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