Very active player needs an active club

I average 30000 points a week and 500 tributes. Looking for a club that gets the perks every week. I play several times a day and nearly always complete the club quest. I read chat and am a team player.


OSTRICHKNIGHTS2 would LOVE to have you join us! We’re in need of serious players that play daily! Must read chat & complete CQ’s. We gift constantly, including paid gifts lol. We’ve got some incredible people & need more like minded players!

Btw, my name is Jessica…I’m the club leader & Swagner is my co-leader…between the 2 of us & roughly 5-6 of our other players you’re guaranteed to always have one of us active at all times! Lol. We are addicted to the game haha. We even chat outside the game & most have become friends on FB. We’re like a second family. You’re welcome to come check us out & see if we are what you’re looking for ; )

We’d love to have ya @ Dog’s Life
1000pts upon entry
20k weekly min
Daily players
We lost some players due to noncompliance so we rebuilding, no drama, great core of folks

Legendary tikis welcomes a new player. Chatting a must.

We would love to have you! Phantom club. We require chat and have minimums.

I would like to invite you to Liberty Vacay, then :slightly_smiling_face:

We get all 4 perks every week. We have had some players leave due to not enough time anymore. Looking for a daily player. 13,500 club pets required weekly. We are the martinis

Would love to have you in Texas Perks. We’re not super ambitious, but generally get perk 5. Our top players each round are in the 30s, sometimes 40s. Currently, our top 9 players are all over 20k, with 2 of us over 30k.

I’m a co-leader. Same game name :slight_smile:

You really need to join Club Dis ! We are YOU - same player/game style, contribution and commitment:)

Love to have you, we’re a new team, but not new players

Star Players would love to have you

It takes a team can use you! Come join!

Check out Magical Perks…20k min. Not super aggressive but we usually get all 6 perks each week!

Hi Sarah! Please join us in Tiki Central! You will fit in immediately! Stop by and say hi! Hope to see you soon! Take care until then.

Join Winners Only a Diamond League club needs a player. We are a public club

Strategic Perks is a Platinum League Club looking for a daily player that can help with tributes and CQ’s. We are a very fun, friendly team looking to move up to Diamond! Would love someone that could do 40k a week, if possible!! :grin:

Pathlesstravel is looking for a good player. We finish all perks every week and are a close family of players. Mins are 3k before 1st idle 15k by Saturday 45k weekly. Please request or send me a message.