VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: Who was your first crush? 2-9-23

:sparkling_heart:Do you remember your first crush?:sparkling_heart:

Without giving us their name (please!), tell us when you met them, what you liked about them, and whether or not they ever knew about your :dog:puppy love​:dog:!

Let us know below for a chance at :moneybag::moneybag:100,000 Coins, 10 Freeplays, 5 Wilds, 5 Volcanoes and 10 Club Point Doublers​:moneybag::moneybag:! We’ll choose 10 people at random next Thursday afternoon and award them then. :slight_smile:


7th grade. He knew…he was my first kiss. :heart:


Steve from Blues Clues. I was in kindergarten and was convinced I was gonna marry him.

Eddie Johnson he was my first crush and love

Yes. 10 years old. Jeff.

5th grade, he was cute and was nice to everyone. He never knew

Like a Princess

Tall firs reach toward summer’s sapphire sky. Something moves, and I sense someone near. Turning toward the cooler, shadowed drive, I whirl back again with an “Aha!” to catch his wide-eyed stare and surprised open mouth. Almost fifty years ago, I met—well, let’s call him Johnny.

We’d moved to the forested lot next to Grandma’s house, far from our trolley-stop home in Milwaukie. I was four, he was five. Closing my eyes on this hot August day, I can still smell hot dirt and fir sap, feel a cool breeze sneak past at the edge of the heat. I see sparkly blue eyes and blond cropped hair sticking up in the back where he has a cowlick. My summer of love.

Isn’t that silly? How can a four year old think she’s in love? Where does a child get such an idea? I’ll tell you: Mama reads fairy tales to me. Princesses always fall in love with handsome princes. My mama married the most handsome man in the world. When I tell her I’m going to marry Daddy when I grow up, she smiles and gently strokes my hair. “No, little one, you must find your own handsome prince.”

So, Johnny. He is the man of my dreams. We become fast friends. By week’s end, he shows me the hiding place beneath the weeping willow and introduces me to his seven siblings. We play with his dog. I learn where scotch broom for stamping down into forts is best. We pick juicy, ripe blackberries, coming home with stained fingers, purple mouths, and darn few berries in the bottom of a tin can for our mothers. We are inseparable for a year. He teaches me to fish in mud puddles with a safety pin, a stick, and a piece of string. We search for agates on our gravel road. With spit, Johnny makes the dullest rock shine like a gem.

On his first day of first grade, Johnny waves from the end of the gravel road, then again from far across the scotch broom field. I have to stay home. My heart is hurting. I ask Mama what time it is all through the day.

When Johnny trudges up the hill in the hot afternoon sun, little dust clouds puffing from beneath his sneakers, I run down the road to greet him. “How was school? Do you love it?” I ask, out of breath. Johnny smiles, “Oh, yes! I have a girlfriend and her name is June! She has long, beautiful hair, just like a princess!” My pixie cut, which I thought made me look like Audrey Hepburn, is no longer magical, and my heart breaks right in half.

When I retired from teaching, an array of photos from my childhood, from college, from the past thirty years of classes, adorned the gym walls. In every picture my hair is long, past my shoulders, like a princess.

I was 17 yrs old! He was 18! I didn’t like him at all, the friends he hung out with! Didn’t like any of them! We the girls got stranded at a football games 2 hours away! The girls talked me into asking his friend, he said I didn’t drive here! He saw the look on my face! He asked his friend to drive 4 girls home,they pushed me in the front with both guys! We talked,I was the last one to be dropped off! I thanked him so much! The next week he came to school & asked to take me home, I said their were four that walked home! He took us home!he asked me if we needed a ride to & from the football game.I said 4 girls go, never go with that girl after she stranded us the week before! He graduated so he was working full time! He was such a gentleman! We went to the game his friend too we had a blast! He never tried to kiss me!2 yrs later we got married! Big wedding!

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I Met him when I was in grade 7 and he was in grade 9. Years later we began dating, are now engaged, and have children together.

He knew I had a crush on him while I was in high school.

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My first crush was and still is Clayton Moore. I watched his adventures every afternoon after school on our black and white TV (I was in 4th grade). I planned to marry him when I grew up. lol

I’ll never forget that little girl and her dreams of that handsome man and his dashing steed. #foreversmitten

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I am a twin. I met a twin in kindergarten and immediately fell in love. (My twin sister hated his twin brother…so that never happened :blush:.) We went to elementary school and middle school together and finally dated in high school. We became each other’s best friend, but never lovers. I still think of him with deep fondness decades later.

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Danny M - in 1st grade. He followed me around and always complimented my hair bows. I ran from him, but eventually he wore me down. Then when I told him I liked him, he told me I had cooties. The end. :slight_smile:

Patrick, age 14 schoolgirl, crush, I made him a valentine card, as a Greek girl, I wasn’t allowed to date but I made him aware that I like him ,we had a kiss once that was it, he flirted a lot, but it never really came to anything 30 years later we reconnected on Facebook. He became a policeman married with children I’m still single

It was High school 1980,I was a freshman and he was a sophomore, I think he knew, not for sure. I would watch him in the hallway and on the school bus and follow him around like a little lost puppy, nothing ever became of it. Some years later he asked me out, I told him I used to follow him around like a little lost puppy in high school and he wouldn’t give me the time of day, why would he want to go out with me now,that I was still the same person, that the only thing that changed was the way I looked. So the short of it was it never happened.

I was 8 or 9 and it was a member of a boy band. Sadly, he did not find out about my crush! :joy:

High school freshman. He was a sophomore and we were in the same Home Economics class. He never knew I was smitten.

Junior High School, best sense of humor. It took me a while to say yes, but dated well into High School.

Met on a locked psychiatric ward of a VA hospital! Fortunately, we were both staff! Still married 40 years later!

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