Valentines Day Chest

Anyone else out there that still has not received the Valentines chest offered thru Facebook? I’ve submitted a ticket , they said thatthey were aware of problem but it’s now been 6 days of silence.

:frowning: sorry to hear that.
Actually I got mine but had to wait 2 days to open it as I was impacted by a glitch that filled my inbox with wood chest, I was unable to see daily bonus or perk rewards, all I could see was wood chest and they did not open and froze my screen when I would try to scroll.
When the glitch was fixed my chest was there that I got from the link on Facebook my other valentine chest was also there for completion of events that week.
Keep sending tickets You should get it.
I suggest to follow threw with the one ticket you can keep replying and that sends the ticket farther up the chain.
Or watch for a email asking if you were satisfied.- if you get that check NO and explain why. This one usually gets me my items in the next 24hrs.


Thanks Tasha, I didn’t have that “glitch”, I only had the pop up that said I had already claimed the chest. I have sent 2 follow ups on original ticket…total silence from them! Today I sent in another ticket, I referenced the original ticket # in this new submission asking for a supervisor to look into this. Oh, and the email asking if I’m satisfied has not come either.
Hopefully I’ll get somewhere…they can be sooo frustrating to deal with

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Talk about being frustrated .
I went into my reward box to collect my free gift. Well it was there and all but when I clicked on it it spun around and froze sideways. Of course I took a screenshot .
I sent in a ticket and got a response back saying what did you lose. Of course you can just guess. It can be a free game or some coins or a booster. Which I told them not really knowing which of them it was. Response back. Let us know more info. I can’t give more based on what I know.
Well I didn’t bother with it.
Then I got the survey on how bad or good it was. I should if sent it back but I was at the point I just didn’t care. It’s not worth the aggravation…Lol
But just figured I would get that off my chest…lol