Using feedback to hurt players

Dear Tripeaks,

It seems as though the few tricks I have found helpful in the game that I have taken time here to share with my peers, you have taken that and “fixed” it and it no longer works. I find this to be unfortunate and not player friendly. All of a sudden I can’t watch all of the videos at once at midnight? You’re taking away $5-10k a day, why? The courses I posted that I like to play to build coins, I can no longer seem to win at all. If this is how us sharing information plays out, I’m out. Please continue to update and improve the game, but not at the (further) expense of your customers. Thank you for your time and for providing a great game that clearly is loved my many far and wide.


I agree that levels definitely change. But I will encourage you not to give up completely on those levels and from time to time try them again because I have found them to work again later on.

I am hoping the videos are just a glitch for now… maybe they are getting new ones?? Cause I always get the SAME ones!! And as for a few tricks, are you aware of the one where some fishies (with coins in their belly) swim by and ya click on them for coins? :smiley:

In sky derby click on the parachutes you get coins too😁

When TriPeaks first mentioned this site I had to laugh to be honest. I even posted about my feelings towards this “PRIVATE FORUM” that TriPeaks claims they do not have anything to do with this forum at all. It’s even on the TriPeaks FB Page where they claim this. But let me tell you players it’s a lie!!! If GSN has no control over this Forum why is it linked with TriPeaks? This is why TriPeaks came up with this Forum. They realize they have been caught changing levels so players can’t win. They also realize Teams have FB Team Pages where players can share levels and tips on how to win. And because GSN wants all those so they can change it all, and take ANY AND ALL ADVANTAGES away from the players so players are FORCED to purchase WILDS AND VOLACANOES and even the card packs to finish all levels. That’s why I DO NOT understand why players post tips on the TriPeaks FB Page or even in Chat when they read it all. Keep your mouths shut players and keep the tips on your Team FB pages!! They took away multiple devices why??? Because bottom line is money. And I used to spend more money when we were able to!! Not anymore!!! So players you are STUPID if you think GSN doesn’t read this Forum!! They do!!! So DON’T SHARE ON HERE AT ALL!!! Riddle me this…they can creat this Forum and all the time and graphics that went into designing it but can’t fix the Team Club Quests and all the other glitches in the game??? REALLY??? You can’t refund or gift the players players back what they have lost or what they didn’t receive but you can create this??? What a sneaky way GSN to further screw your loyal players!! What a way to greedy!! As I say once my coins are gone I’m gone. And as I have opened up a page to players that feel the same way I do…I have over 3,000 plus players that are doing the same thing!! GSN ruined the best game app due to their greed!!!


I personally love the Tripeaks game, and don’t think they are out to get me. They’ve implemented a lot of great changes, and I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come :smiley:


I’m with Cindy. There will always be changes and additions and removals. That keeps the game fresh; with new challenges to figure out. I get to play for free if I choose to and i’ve Met wonderful new friends. Keep up the good word Tri-Peaks Developers!


I think my point has been misconstrued here. I think this game is great, but they are asking for feedback from their players. It is obvious to most players (that I have communicated with) that there is a pattern of high payouts on certain levels until word gets around then it is adjusted accordingly. It is just frustrating. I don’t think they are out to get players by any means. However, when I burn through 500k in one afternoon because I can rarely win a single game (with buying tons of extra cards), and other days I win a ton. Balance out the algorithm please and let us discover and uncover the hidden secrets and gems of tripeaks and share them with each other without fear of the reward disappearing.


@Bethany_Gordon, I was responding to MrsCrissy, sorry I wasn’t clear.