Using a wild or volcano card. Are you sure?

I play this game on my phone…and sometimes i hit the Wild & Volcano Cards by Mistake…Can TPS have a way to ask you ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO PLAY THIS CARD…this way the Cards won’t be wasted…Thank u!!


I would love that too

I think the reason they don’t— and btw, I’ve also lost wilds, volcanos, other boosters (like when the car hits a bump! Ugh!) and bought extra cards when I tried ending a game— is the time it takes to ask and answer the question just takes too long. There are fractions of seconds which could mean the difference between time running out or bombs exploding, wave cards taking away the deck, etc. It completely stinks when you don’t mean to use cards, but your best bet is not to play when you’re tired, or in the car on a bumpy road, or while you’re on the treadmill at the gym, or even while trying to walk your hyper black lab. Good luck and play on!



I think you just described almost every time I accidentally used a wild card or purchased extra cards. :rofl: The only thing missing was the cat :cat2: jumping into my lap or pawing my phone to make the decision for me!

Yes I agree with that one and I think it’s a valid point

I’ve done that SEVERAL times myself! I would like to see that too!

This comes up repeatedly. It seems unlikely that they’d change it.

Rather than an “are you sure,” I’d like the implementation to basically be “undo” that would apply to any special cards. I’ve accidentally hit bomb defuser or fish hook or whatever multiple times and you’re stuck with it, even if you don’t want to use it. The crazy thing is that if you mistakenly use it before you start a game, even when you exit and restart, it’s still active!

So yeah - undo, please!