URDREAMN. Looking for decent players

Needs some new players. MUST make 2K before idle as new player. We are a Platinum team…no idle for 24 hours…do cq and read chat and chat with us. Friendly club looking for midrange players to join.

I play daily always. Play tributes. Hate the club that require this hugely untamable goals of points if you have a life outside of the game or a job. I do try my hardest to meet the goals but I usually don’t because I do have a life outside the game. Might make me sound like a loner within the game but 8 do try my hardest and always play the tributes.

Alicia we have spots open we do have a 2000 before idle rule for new players. We ask you read chat and communicate. We all work to get cq would live to have you. We are set to public right now so come join. We would love to have you. Any problems just post in chat

Found you and joined.

Alicia I really need you to get back on and get 1 more K please

Looking for a team that plays cq and I am not the only yh one playing