Updates of new version

Anyone have issues with updates it says my phone not compatible now. What can I do

Check if you can message them through this link: Contact Us — Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks Help Center

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I’m having so many issues unbelievable. Want me to load shops or Apple but it won’t e work because I’ve been with FB. Are they pissed at FB and forcing us elsewhere but it’s not working??? I’m still under correct leader name in my club. WINNGS Meant 2 Be but she’s looks like she’s there but they took out my guts on my phone and that’s how I’m suppose to sign up with another but Apple not shops will let me saying I’m signed up on Facebook. So then after that they don’t have an answer for me!!! Wtf they did it to me when I was sleeping and still don’t know how why and WHO DID THIS??? I’m furious! Even talked to REAL TECHS WITH AMERICAN VOICES and two of them could not figure out wthr heck they are trying to do. 2 apple American techs who USE PHONE unlike th we guys just type slow and don’t make much sense. In a hut somewhere eith 100 others for 10cents an hour reprinting pre prepared statements. From Sand countries more than likely.s. Helppoppp

The game freezes up ALOT.