Updates and glitched

I love that the game is ever evolving, it has changed so much since I started playing years ago, however, with changes come major glitches and while most of the time we can send an email and the problem is rectified, that is a major inconvenience as well. I think testing ideas is great, such as the new daily log in bonuses, where the more you log on the better the gifts get. I think if u play everyday you should get more than a free play, I just wish there was a way for you all do to work your magic behind the scenes without it wreacking so much havoc on our gameplay! Still my favorite game though!!


@Barbara_Dobbs, I agree. I’ve only been playing about a year and a half, and it’s already had a lot of changes, mostly for the good, and they are working on the others. I can be patient. I love playing & an addicted LOL

I played the club quest was told awarded the 2 times stars and was not, then my club lead has emailed GSN 3 times as she can not load the game on her phone she has done everything to no avail and GSN wont help her, any ideas how to get her back on? She has unloaded and reloaded several times and still can not log in, trying to help my leader.