Unsupported Device

Sad MY DEVICE IS UNSUPPORTED SOON. I have been in my same club for 2+ years!
I have a very simple prepay phone.
What type of devices are you playing on?

Oh no! I have a Samsung A70. It’s also my phone

I have an android version 11

Your Android 5G is much newer than my device [Note 10+ w/o 5G]. I am baffled and you are correct no need to be rude to customers. Some suport members should not be in the role they’re in if they are rude and not very helpful.

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I was playing on an iPad but am no longer being supported. Been playing a long time and have over 5 mil coins and now I can’t play!

I play on an Amazon Fire 10 inch Kindle. Easier to see and not to bulky to carry.

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Make sure to leave a review on the app,

Below are infromation on devices that are currently supported that I happen upon. If you have the listed device and the game still does not work, you may need to update your software. I am no expert, but a software update and/or cleaning out cache may help too.

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iPhone 11 for one account and android iPad on the other.

I play the game on an Amazon Fire Kindle 8… It works well…and I saw that Amazon has a Black Friday sale for these Kindles 50% off. Cost is $44.00…that’s cheap, I paid twice that earlier this year…And I promise, I do not work for Amazon!


I have an android 5G from AT&T and my bill runs 75 dollars for the month and it’s unlimited

You can play on a laptop but it might be tricky to be the exact same player. They link you up with your google account. But you could always start a fresh game and join your regular team if a spot is available. One of the bad things about playing on a laptop is you don’t get all the goodies from the Facebook page. Search for “blue stacks Solitaire TriPeaks download”


I was with my club for 6 years or more. I too use the Kindle. I’ve had the game freezing up on me for over 8 months I think they have added so much stuff that my machine can’t handle it. I finally quit my club so as not to hold them back.


I think you are right, they keep adding stuff on but, never remove things. I have stopped digging bc of the screen freezing. I notice lately that some parts of the game have a hard time loading. I have to constantly reboot. Finally figured out that if I turn off the Kindle and restart it, I have better success getting into the game…

I tried everything even forced stops. Finally just got disgusted and said enough is enough.

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I know they are making it hard to want to continue playing…they have made it harder to win, causing us to use extra coins and wilds to solve the puzzles… Like you, I am getting tired of the game. It is not fun anymore!

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Totally agree. It’s a shame it was a fun game.

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Been having same problem. Was told to uninstall the app and reinstall and all would e right with the world!! NOT!! Now app is gone and when I go to the play store to download it, all I see is big red message saying my device is no longer compatible!!

Oh no! I am sorry… I know Amazon is having a sale on Kindles, check them out…

Yep. Same here. They told me to update google and contact developer. Wabobs. Brian and Peter are both just a couple of tools. Tripeaks never takes responsiblity for the game messing up.