Unsolicited Ads

I have been playing TriPeaks for a few months and I didn’t have unsolicited ads until recently. It eats into my free time play and it’s annoying. I will watch ads for coins, but I don’t understand why I will get stuck with an ad randomly in the middle of play.


I have never had ads just pop up during play, but there are pop ups for in game purchases between games.


Mine are full on ads that are timed. My aunt said the same thing as you. I never had them before. But just this last month in between games a timed ad will force me to watch :frowning:


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Iv noticed this on a older device I play on but when I play on my newer device it dosnt happen…this is very weird. And annoying I agree.


I am getting this too. It takes up to much of your free time. Very annoying


I have a brand new iphone :frowning: not sure what it is. My aunt also has the same phone but no Ads unless she elects to watch them

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I only play on my Kindle and will get ads in between games for other apps to play. It is annoying but I am slowly getting used to them.


You will eventually get these ads if you don’t spend any money on the game. If you really want them to go away, buy a small club gift the next time they offer double gifts. I have two accounts, my newer one I didn’t spend money on, and I had the ads. I moved that one to my main account, and bought a gift on double gift day, no more ads on either account.


I agree, during free play the ads should not be allowed!

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I find it annoying when you’re trying to finish a quest and this ad pops up between games and you can’t complete your quest because of it. One thing I’ve noticed is that ‘only’ three ads like that will pop up so I know that once the third one pops up, I won’t see anymore for the day.

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I see them no matter what! I don’t understand it.

That is an interesting idea. Still seems wrong that is the only way to remove them.

Agree @xbarbiedollx13
But @Virginia57 may be correct as I can not purchase on my old device so have never bought club gifts and that’s the one I get them on ALOT… my main player I do purchase on double gift day and don’t see many pop ups!

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They do need money to run the game. So either pay by watching ads, or you pay with your wallet. Candy crush is the only game I’ve played that doesn’t run ads.

Same with me. I have 2 accts, one I buy gift boxes and one I don’t. I only get interrupting ads on the one which i’ve spent no money on.

Yes, it stinks. Here you have 30 minutes free play, momo or whatever and those ads pop up 4 or 5 times. One suggestion, hit the x or x’s as soon as they pop up. Takes up less of your playing time. So annoying.

Are you logged in with Facebook or just playing as a “guest” account? Ads will pop up when you’re not linked through Facebook.

Logged in with Facebook!

I buy gifts and free cards now and then but get the adds during free play anyway.