Unrealistic game

I thought this was a kind of realistic game, but when I constantly receive 2 or sometimes 3 of the same cardvalues, other kind of cards while changing of the up or down cards, more than 4 of the same values in a deck of less than the number of cards in a real deck, and so on…
I know some players who quit this game for those reasons…and I don’t blame them…

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That was fascinating. Thanks, bye :yawning_face:

HUH??? What the heck did that really mean?

How many times in ‘real’ solitaire games can you get 2 or 3 same (for example 10 of hearts and 10 of clovers) kind of cards one after the other ?
How is it possible that a ‘changing’ card goes from hearts to clovers ?
And so on, and so on.
This game is stuffed with sucht things and I have friends that for this reason have left the game…

Pretty high chance actually.

I didnt deeply think this through to see if my logic and therefore math is correct… But it’s around 6% that if you had say a 10 of hearts as the hole card the next card drawn is a 10 of another suit. So not great but…!

In a sequence of 5 cards ( like a single use of a buy more) you are only 74% NOT to see a a repeating card sequence. Once you draw around 11-12 (11.43 by my calculations) cards, you are at 50% to see a card repeat 1 time every sequence of say 12 draws.

This assumes randomness, card replacement and correct logic on my part.

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I think yout calculations are correct, but I am talking of 2 of the same values 1 after the other…and Ithink the chances of that happening are much smaller (but I’m not great at mathematics). Also the chances of having this happening 3 times in a series of 15 cards ??? Or having 4 of the same value in a series of 25 cards ??? Or getting exactly the 3 same cards as those that you have to get rid of in the beginning of the game ??? And so on, and so on…
But as I have enough time to spend, I leave the game as soon as one of these things happens, and I wait for another moment of pause :smile: