Unlinking With Facebook

I sent an email to Tripeaks Solitaire help. I don’t think my question was understood correctly. They said I CAN’T unlink once my account IS linked with Facebook…but then told me how to do it (I know how) so here is my question.

At some point I logged onto my wife’s Facebook page and got my Solitaire account linked with her Facebook page. I am playing on a Samsung Note cell. She wants to use her iPhone to play Solitaire, but when she installs it and plays, it is playing with my Solitaire account. She can’t make her own account because it shows mine. I believe I know how to “unlink” my account from her Facebook page. Here is the question. If I do this will I lose all of my coins and boosters and start new with nothing. I currently have 12 million coins, a boatload of various boosters and such, and am a club leader. I DO NOT have a Facebook page. I just want her to be able to play Solitaire on her iPhone with her own account, and for me not to lose everything, and play on my Samsung with my account. Any ideas…suggestions? Thank you.

Since you don’t have a FB account and are using your wife’s, then yes you will lose all you’ve accumulated. If she is all right with you using her FB account login on your phone then perhaps she can remove her FB app/data on her phone then uninstall Solitaire and it’s data and reinstall using her Apple ID account. Once she has logged into Solitaire using her Apple ID, she can hopefully proceed with using her Facebook app.

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Yes, I saw android users can use an Apple ID to link. Still doesn’t help me from losing all my coins and boosters after getting unlinked from my wife’s Facebook page. I inadvertently linked to her Facebook by mistake. I think this is something Tripeaks needs to look at and address. If my wife suddenly decides to delete her Facebook page then I lose everything that way also…unless I’m looking at this wrong. Seems to be a problem here. Just my opinion.