Unattainable Perk7

What’s with these new basically unattainable perk 7s? It sure takes the fun out of earning points for perks.

Legend and diamond leagues definitely enjoy those big perks! I am thankful that they do rotate the perk 7. We will do it if it’s 125k or less, and depending on what the 250k rewards are every once in a while, we will do it.

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I agree, but lately there have been numerous 750,000 perk 7s. Like this week.

What’s worth so many games never being attainable?? The new Club Boat races take sooooo much $$ totally takes the fun out of it!! All the rest too. I’ve played for years but the greed of the parent company is getting really old!!


I totally agree that the greed from them is becoming worse everyday … I think these new games are causing freezes , slow motion plays , an booting … they need to stop creating more ways to steal our stash in order to obtain the quests …. Games are taking more coins an the rewards have become mostly pathetic