Unable to win any level of play

Has become very ridiculous. I spend way to much playing this game and play daily. I have been stuck for over a week now with only being able to win a game on the very lowest of levels. It seems the more I spend the less likely to win a game. While I really like this game it has become unenjoyable. Isn’t there something you are willing to do for people that actually do pay to play.


STOP SPENDING MONEY IN HERE! This is exactly why they are making the games impossible to win, banking on you spending more money. Backward thinking. They’re greedy and destroying this game. Top Legend teams are starting to get fed up with it. I know, I’m on one.


Me neither I am lucky to win one out of 10 I noticed they will leave out cards or put 5 to 6 of same but not enough to finish game I am gonna stop playing at first I loved it but now I get depressed cause this is suppose to be fun well there taking the fun out of it I don’t mind posing in a honest way but this is pretty messed up

It is REALLY MESSED UP!! I too am really feed up with all of this. Player services keeps telling me to have patience, that the testing will end, but after reading posts here in the forum, I’ve come to realize that they have been doing “testing” since at least July 2019 ! That’s not called testing, in my book. I have never spent money for anything here & never will !!