Unable to watch the videos all the way to the Wild

Lately, I am unable to watch the daily videos up to the Wild. It will give a message that there are no more ads available. You then have to exit the game and go back in a couple of times just to watch videos. A further question is, why did you reduce the amount of videos that we can watch? That is a means of earning some coins since you still have not resolved the club contest quests. We relied on these quests to earn coins, now you take videos away from us as well.


I’m having same problem why is this happening

I agree with Ansie. Not sure why ads are not accessible as often as they used to be.

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I, too, am having the same problem with my videos. I have been trying all day to get to my wild card to no avail.

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I also have this problem i cant watch adds only in inbox and nomore then 4 tops of is costing me to much coins i so need and clubguest stil not working also loosing out on that

I live in Australia and we never get wilds watching adds. Seems unfair that some people get things and others don’t

Same here, but if you close the “no more ads available” window and click watch again 5-7 times another video will play. I’ve been doing that several times a night to max out the videos

Bei mir funktioniert das anschauen der Videos leider auch mal wieder nicht. Das ist ständig so. Bin sogar schon am überlegen ob ich wieder aufhöre zu spielen. Geht nicht mal bis zur Wild Card.