Unable to send nor ask for coins from Facebook friends

This has been going on for over three weeks. Tech support blames Facebook but no solution.

Has anyone else had this problem and what is the resolution/solution?

HELP Please

Lots have this problem. I’m sure hoping it gets fixed soon. One of my team members was able to collect today for the first time in a while. Maybe the men’s is here!!

Same for me. Have sent emails numerous times. Tech support says its Facebook and they are working on it. Has cost me thousands in missed coins

You’re not joking…with more than 120 Tripeaks friends I maxed my daily 60,000 free coins each day. Been plagued with this for weeks to the tune of 60,000 coins every day it’s not working. I’ve tried every recommended fix I have found posted and still no luck. It seems so random. Out of 25 club members it’s only happening to 2 of us…makes no sense. I’ve also gone from having 700,000 to 1,000,000 coins to less than 100,000 and running out now because I’m not able to replenish and the game has been extremely tight with wins. :grimacing:

Happened to me just today!! Don’t know what the answer is. Guess I’m lucky it just hit me. :weary::sleepy: