Unable to get help desk address

I just won a chest on game but when I went to claim if from my inbox I was immediately ejected from the game. SO I went to help desk and typed up a form for help. Got the reply that the address I was sending it to was not a viable address. Is anyone else having this problem It maybe Sony’s way of telling us they are not responsible for the game problems.

It’s a glitch. The reason why you go through the help on the game because they than have your player ID and it speeds the process of correcting the error. If you can take a screen shot of your player ID and email them and also let them know they help section is rejecting emails than they can rectify both, there have been a few posts in regards to that.
Here is the email address


I actually sent a feedback ticket, and it worked fine for me. Are you following these steps:
Load game
Click profile picture
Click help


Thank you Tracy. I actually followed all the proper procedures but I believe it was just a glitch. I left and came back a bit later and got it to go through.