Two experienced players looking for new club

Two experienced casual players looking for a club that focuses on gems, club point doublers, and completing all perks. We like to dig and understand strategies for maximum gold collection. 100% on tribute CQ, no pressure to complete CQs where return on investment is low. We chat but not to excess, no need to thank friends when sending coins, it’s part of game play.

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Come join Barbie’s hottub!! You sound exactly like what we’re looking for. We prioritize the tribute quests, but no pressure when the reward is 1 wild card! Some dig but not all and not required. We don’t chat too much - just to communicate re: game status. We hover between gold and platinum depending on how many players we have.

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Slacker Retreat was a mid to high level gold league. life happened for many, so now just trying to rebuild it back from Stone. We prefer daily players, but the only rule that sticks is no more than 48 hour idle.

Welcome to the forum @Vmsouders
Goodluck on finding a new team

If still looking, we would welcome you to Wacha Doing.

Thanks Maureen, my friend and I will join your club on Friday if you still have two slots open.

PLEASE join Mayhem A-Go-Go!! We’re a great team building back.

Hi @Vmsouders. It looks like you have lots of offers. We had lost several great members recently and slipped down a league, but are definitely headed back to Platinum where we belong. It’s been difficult finding great new members who communicate when needed and are great team-players. We just found two amazing ones and know our team will soar with a couple more. :slight_smile:

We’ve let a few players slack for too long and need to let them go soon, and find great new ones. Almost all of us work in teams for the dig (one of the newer members is a gopher and we haven’t figured out who it is yet).

We always complete all regular perks (typically have Goldie by Sunday night). We missed some special perks recently, but look like we’re on track to get at least most of them again…but hopefully all!)

R Happier Team requires 15 k by Sunday and 30 K by reset. We don’t have a set amount of tributes but expect everyone to play them, especially for CQ and to keep the volcano cool.

We’re a friendly, family-like team and have a supportive Facebook group where we help each other figure out tips and tricks (like when the orbs popped up).

We understand life happens and don’t boot as long as you communicate that you’ll be away on vacation or slower for a bit. Players we can’t get in touch with who are constantly below our minimums do get booted as needed (which we’ll happily do to make room for you and your friend…if we seem like a good match).