'Twas the Night Before....

This is dedicated to the creators of the game and all the fantastic friends I’ve made along the way…

Twas the night before Perks’ End
And all through our team,
Fingers were flying,
Maintaining our lead.

I and my teammates had just settled down
To bank a few coins and start the count down,
When out on the board
There arose so much chatter,
I grabbed my phone and cried,
“Now what’s the matter?”

As I sprang from my chair,
And my feet hit the ground,
I threw my fist in the air,
And made a firm vow.

To a near empty room
I exclaimed, “It’s time!”
My dog turned his head
And laid down with a sigh.

A new perk had arrived
The next to last day,
An extra hard one…
For this one, we’d pay.

With promises of glory
And a premium chest,
The team rallied 'round,
Showing off our best.

As the minutes ticked by,
One by one they arrived,
Pledging to finish,
“It’s now ‘do or die’”…

On came Blanca, Hazel and Dee.
On Michael, on Ronnie and Bob.
Quick as a flash they all logged on,
Committed to doing their job.

Next came Sandy,
Then Karen logged in.
More and more active,
Ensuring our win!
Soon after that The Newbies appeared, Racking up points - They had no fear!

Next thing I new we all were there,
Everyone supporting our team.
Kassidy, Big, Dave and Rose
Vili, Sierra and Reen.

We struggled through Bomb cards,
Big waves cards and Frost,
Without the Gold Tiki
We’d surely be lost!

Game after game,
Our club played on.
Through crashes and hunger,
All night until dawn.

Sending coins, collecting freebies -
And, yes, watching ads.
Island after island
Giving all that we had.

Dodging trap cards and sharks,
And the mischief they wreak,
Playing wilds and volcanoes,
No time to be weak!

Then just when it seemed
We’d never be done,
The chat lit up
With posts, one by one.

With the week now over,
My heart swelled with pride.
Our team pulled together.
What a wonderful ride!

We watched in the chat
As our club leader proclaimed
"Great job!
The Perks are now done!

Our team pulled together,
I’m proud of you all.
Once again
We all played as one."

And now it’s off to bed for me,
To get some well- deserved rest.
We all know New Perks start at dawn,
And I know we’ll all do our best.

As I lay down my head
I thought I could hear
Pele and the gang,
Like a Whisper in my ear,

What a great fight!
“Lucky cards to all, and
To all a very good night!”


This is really good. Great job!

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Bravo! I often wish I had the creativity to write like this!

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That’s cute! Merry Christmas!

Thats great… nice job

Very good merry xmas

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