T's Lost Perks Missing 2 Great Players!

We’re a fun club that recently broke off a different club with an inactive leader. I’m one of the co-leaders. We’ve finally worked our way back up to Platinum league and we’re just missing the last few dedicated players to help us climb up to diamond.

Club requirements are pretty easy given that we’d like to be in diamond- 15k points/100 tributes weekly. New members must have 700 points before first idle. No more than 30 hours idle. Help get quests & tributes. Follow the perk order: 2,6,1,5,3,4. Really looking for players who only need the minimums for down weeks when life gets ya. We seem to take turns in top 5, with different members pulling 80-140k. We love to joke around, theres lots of puns and typos in chat. If that’s something you’re up for, head on over, we’d love to have you!

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