Tripeaks keeps closing down

I have tripeaks on 2 iPads. One is fine but the other keeps shutting down when I try to play. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but no help

It did that on me three days ago. Apple forum had recommended plugging ipad in then reboot while plugged in. Haven’t had it happen since

Hi Taylorcat! I play on two devices as well. My older device (from three years ago) is always acting up with freezing or booting me out mid game. My new device (last year) does it occassionally. Sometimes before the game releases an update, I see my game act up - like my chat not loading or booting me mid game.

A few tips: Always make sure your app is up to date. When you are waiting for the app to load, the version number is in the lower left hand corner. Compare that to the version number in your app store. Another way to help with all technical issues is to open your apps on your device and at the game app, “clear cache” - you will not lose your information! A last option is to go to your apps on your device and do “force close”. This forces the app to close and no you will not lose any of your information. After doing each or any clearings or force close, restart your device and reopen the app. Most of the time it does the trick. Hope those suggestions help.