TriPeaks Freaks

TriPeaks Freaks is recruiting active members who play daily, meet requirements, and help to achieve club quests! We are Diamond League! Achieve all Club Perks! If this sounds like a fit for you send an invite today!

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Looking for a new team after reset- currently platinum (was diamond, but lost three key players last week). Generally fall within the middle third of the pack. When I was a level lower, was constantly within top four (before “club champ” designation, LOL!). Play daily and max all club quests as Girl on Petty free FUN

We are looking for someone who meets our minimums. We ask 6,000 club points a day, max Club Quests and earn at least 250 tributes per week. Seems easy, but we are having a problem getting new players that will follow through. We are a Diamond team, and actually happy to be there. Mostly land in the top 15 teams or higher each week. We have 1 opening, but will have more at reset. Currently we have maxed all perks for this week. If that sounds good to you, let me know and I will send an invite.

Saw your reply to someone we are looking for a strong member who hits around 25 to 30 k and hit around 200 tributes a week also we are platium league been very close for diamond before but had some people who didnt work as hard so removed some but we have 1 spot left for the right person must read club notes and talk etc and do daily quests too if wanted to join feel free to send asap as if come before can have the rewards tomorrow as long as put the work in today. We called sonnynkelly our club name