Tripeaks Be A Star

We are looking for new players that play daily.
We are down to 16 players. Due to the changes we have lost players who have quit the game. Even with 16 players we are still platinum. We are getting all our perks. But because you need 18- 20 players missing our club quest. IF YOU ARE A DAILY PLAYER COME JOIN OUR CLUB.


it’s been mentioned on the forums here before, but you may wish to see if there is another club with low numbers that would be interested in a merge. Good luck


What are your rules & weekly minimum? If things don’t change in our club you may have 2 more players on reset.

Looking for a fun, down to earth club. I’m a team player, love to help my team win! Love to chat with my teammates as well.

I’m sorry you chose to leave TexasT. You had all that. Good luck I wish you well.

Sorry I missed your question we are at 3000 daily and no longer than 18 hour idle we have list a lot of players and I am trying to rebuild. So if you meet our requirements please join and help rebuild . We also are looking for coleaders as long as u meet the daily requirements

Jenn we have list a lot of players and I am trying to rebuild my team we are an awesome bunch please come help build our team

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I never was on Texas t I have been in 2 clubs club crushers and be a star in my 2 years of ay

Liz hope you checked out my reply

Sorry Ava I’m trying to build up a team now, but thank you.

Sorry Ms Blondie,
I enjoyed TexasT! It was by accident I left! Thank you for a great time while I was on the team! Best wishes to everyone on TexasT!

*hi Ava. Finally had enough trying to rebuild the club I’m in. Problem is I. Was down on coins and need to build them up. I have a friend who would probably come 2 but like me, low on coins. *

What is the name of your team?

Still looking for a Team? Armyofoneperks

Be a Star will be glad to have you

Holy Crow…your team is intimidating Ava. I only have 9,000 pts right now. I’l keep thinking about it. I need a challenge.

I know we are very low on players but we wont give up. If you can do 30k thurs to thurs your more than welcome

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