TriPeaks App to Stop Supporting Some Older Devices

I have some questions about this and not enough information was given. Which devices are good or not…ie how old/New, which kinds, etc. Also, even though I am connected to Facebook, am I going to keep my daily login streak (I am over 900 and would be more if not for a glitch, not on my end). I would also like to know how soon this is going to take place. I don’t think I am wrong asking these questions and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has them.


The best way to get the answer would be to contact Solitaire support through their game app. Just go to Menu [top left], HELP, Contact Us or email:


I have tried this email with no response back , tried 3 times, waiting for days but never have gotten any response. Have also gone thru contact us/ help in the app and NO ANSWER! Its very odd.
Why can’t they just TELL us? We have no time frame, no specifications, no idea if my app will just suddenly be gone along with my account! Why does it seem to be some big secrecy to find out exactly what’s happening with this?

Can ANYONE provide any further information please ??

I have an Android version 11, but it seems that it should work for Android version 6 and above from what I read in the Play Store. If you’re an Apple user, you might be able to find out more in the Apple Store. If you link the game using FB or Apple ID, you won’t lose any of your data.

I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this. It’s not like we have the best messaging system where we can actually send a message to the people at least in our group or friends list. The things they charge are minor so why can’t we use the devices that we have been using. They take enough of our money to update the app without it affecting us if we play on “older” devices.

The changes may seem minor to most of us, but for others with newer version of Android or Apple it may be significant, especially if they are using the 5G network or faster wi-fi. They may see vivid graphics and faster load time. I am sure the updates go alongside with constant technology changes and glitches that are reported/encountered.

They don’t know. It isn’t an operating system issue, it is that their code has become too large and it is more tied to how much available RAM is on the device. When they have to memory swap from flash to RAM, the game screws up. It is because the game has gotten too large for the memory of many devices. I have been having a hard time on my kindle for quite some time now. But in the last month or so, it has gotten worse. It is constantly dropping the wifi connection in the middle of games etc. I lose games coins etc constantly if I haven’t realized the connection is dropped and continue playing. It isn’t my network because it happens wherever I play. The game has been freezing for seconds at a time for months (during the memory swap) as a key indicator of the problem. They can’t answer the question, because it is the device and the amount of RAM and how many apps you have open that all affect the performance. They should put the game back the way it was when Sony bought the company and let people play the way it was built to be small and compact to run without problems. All the added features and other useless BS killed the game.