Hello there! Been playing this game for 6+ years. Belonged to a Gold level club for a few years when the club leader stepped down and we are regrouping.

We are TripeakClimbers and with starting over we are rookie level, looking to rebuild with like minded players to get back to Gold. When we reach Gold we plan to maintain that level as it’s a good balance between playing competitions and friendly rivalry for top champ each week, and having a life outside the club.

We ask for daily play, read chat and collect Tributes, shoot for 10k weekly. However life happens, so post if you won’t be able to play as much for Club Points or going on vacation/holiday and missing in action.

Looking forward to a fresh start and being a group leader from the bottom up! :slightly_smiling_face:

Tiki_scotland us a high Platinum team. We max all club quests. Say on chat that you maxed & the number you maxed on, minimum 6k daily for 1st 3 days so we can get GOLDIE ASAP. WE get all 7 perks most of the time. Must play tributes. No nastiness allowed. Life happens, if you can’t play for a bit, let us know BEFORE you go mia. Play daily. Team saves and participate in sending large gift to team on DGD. A few can only afford medium gifts, it’s okay ,cos we are “family”. Lol. No chancers. We are a great team . COME JOIN US. We are currently looking for 3/4 long term players.