Tripeak partners

Anyone else having issues with getting coins via using tripeaks partners once required levels are reached?

I personally don’t do it, you can go to this link and read more of what others have said: New “Earn free coins bonus” in the free coins and more tab… - #2 by Colibri

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YUP, I received 3 out of 14 rewards and created tickets ti report each one and I was credited for only 1 of them so I’m done trying to do that. Just another way for them to screw us if ya ask me cuz they want us to spend OUR money on game they sure as hell don’t wanna give coins away. Just another ploy to hook us in deeper

Hi I’m Cherbear I’m leader of WE GOT THIS. Out of 12 I like 3 paid and I made tickets with no progress they say it’s up to the partner who owns the task. So I tried screen sitting every step and they don’t except that either. I had several of my team members complain to so I advised against them using it cuz you waste time and with some you can lose real money. I did with the Hulu task, I paid and then I didn’t get rewarded and Hulu said my sign in never existed so I think some of them are fake. Move forward cautiously cuz you don’t get your time or money back ok. :grin::revolving_hearts: We all gotta work together go Tripeaks.