Trifecta vs Pick 3

I LOVE the Trifecta quest under the weekly events…and I’m not as big of fan of the Pick 3. It seems that since the Pick 3 came along, the Trifecta has lessened or reduced in frequency.
I think it would be awesome if you could COMBINE both of them. Currently, in the Trifecta quests, you are stuck with what order is preset. Sometimes I only have time to complete one or two of the Trifecta, but not all three, and the one I NEED most is usually the third one!! I think it would be better for each player to be able to pick what order they complete the Trifecta quests…whether given the choice after each one is completed or having to pick the order all at once.

Basically, I want MORE Trifecta with the Pick 3 option incorporated into. I would be happy to eliminate the Pick 3 if it could be incorporated to give the Trifecta an order option.