Tributes vs Club points

Do tributes contribute more to the club points than winning a game?

No and yes. Generally, winning a game contributes about 2000 to 3000 club points which is around 50 to 75 club points, while getting a single tribute contributes 24 club points. So winning a game gets you more club points. But winning a tribute game gets you the same 50 to 75 club points plus an additional 96 club points (and of course volcano taming benefits). This analysis does not include points gained while playing a level.

In the end it’ll depend on your own personal game and the requirements of your team. I’ve seen players rack up huge points with low tributes and I’ve seen huge points racked up with lots of tributes.


You earn club points for playing a game even if you lose but you earn more if you win. If the game also has tributes, you get bonus club points for finding one tribute and lots more bonus club points for finding all five (this also requires you to win the game). There are a few that have two hidden tributes you can find without winning. So a general way to earn the most club points quickly is to only play tribute games and if you can afford it, to immediately replenish the tributes.