Tributes quest is not fair

The tributes quest is not working when you need all players to max. There is always someone who can’t play or can’t max leaving the ones who do max up a creek. They used a bunch of coin,boosters,wildcards and volcanoes and still lost the quest because one person couldn’t max. Please change the number of people required.


That should go for any quest. A lot of teams do not have 25 people. I’ve requested a lot that the last hour of a quest should be played by the whole team. I wish more people would do that.

The Tribute Quest is a nightmare. It is tearing our club apart. There is always one member who doesn’t complete then the members start getting nasty and singling out members who didn’t do their part. Many times we don’t have 25 members especially after reset. We keep loosing good players because of the bickering. We are a lower level Diamond League team.
Myself as the leader I am so frustrated trying to placate everybody. It is not fun anymore, I am at my wits end.
Why can’t it be 22 Players like all the other CQ?