Tributes not counted as collected

Until I just updated app, when finding a Tribute & losing level, 1 Tribute counted as collected; when winning level, 5 counted as collected.

A few hours ago, I played all 5, winning only 1 level. A total of 6 were counted as collected whereas before update when all were found, 9 would have been counted as collected…4 for the 4 losing levels & 5 for the level I won.

Has anyone else noticed this? Other then the app update the only thing I did differently was change Clubs.

Silly question. During the losing games that were not counted, did you actually notice yourself uncovering a tribute card. One does not automatically gain a tribute on a losing game, one must also uncover the first tribute during the playing of the game.


They were uncovered, at least I remember seeing 4 pop up. I’m not sure about the 5th.