Tributes not appearing

As I was playing this morning, I earned 4 tributes. When I finished each game, the tributes were not adde to the idol.

I am wondering if that new update came out, seems to have a serious effect on Apple devices.
Log onto the game
Click your profile picture
Select help
And the chat option will be there, put a ticket in


I thought it was just me and thought I wasn’t seeing my progress correctly! Now I know I was having the same issue! Also wonder if game progress is actually being captured properly when game freezes and have to go through that whole process with clearing cache, etc. Even after reporting through support it is difficult to accurately measure losses when you are working toward a CQ or using point doublers and game freezes without doubling the points. This has happened too many times and support doesn’t reimburse the actual amount of coins spent, nor does it take into account the loss towards team CQ or total Club Points for the team. Usually get the same canned answer saying the problem is with my wifi (it isn’t) or don’t have enough memory (I do). Extremely frustrating. I have an Android phone which is on the list of “known issues” but WHEN are they going to roll out the solution they “are working” on?!