Tributes and club comp- so over 50% of CQ

Is it just me or does it seem like most club quests are a loosing proposition? Like, spend 30,000 coins to win 4 free plays worth 12,000. Or use up all your boosters to win 8,000 coins. I am looking for a club focused on getting all perk chests, and running a tight ship on Club Comp. I can see playing some CQ when they make sense (tributes: should already be; red stars: easy with doublers; club points: tributes pay high club points, etc) i read and post in club chat and follow club rules and play everyday.


Please join DJ’s Platinum team! You are exactly what we want! Please send me a friend request on Messenger

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It looks like DJs is invite only, so I would need an official invitation.

Please contact me through our FB page DJ’s Solitaire-Golden Tiki. Thx!

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Please join Mayhem-A-Go-Go…we are fun, serious, chatty, competitive and nice! Request to Join.

it is not you. It seems club members are more interested in playing the competitions and other popups than the play for club points, the club tributes. Where we were once a good level 5, we are barely making it into level 5 because of the competitions not paying club points. Its Sad :frowning:

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The purple gems of club comp are totally worth it. You play, what? 7-8 games? And win enough gems to get an ancient chest and some free plays or boosters. Coin spent to prize payoff ratio is fantastic on a good team. It’s all the goofy quests that don’t focus on tributes or club points that sink teams and burn players’ coins for tiny rewards. Like win 60 games to get 3 free plays. It’s terrible math. I am looking for a team focused on perks (excellent spend : win ratio,) and club competition (also excellent). Don’t mind a few mandatory club quests (tributes, club points, red stars) that have secondary prize aspects making it worth it, but most of them pull players away from tributes (which also happen to give the most club points too- jumping teams to higher league levels with bigger prizes) for almost nothing. #stopspending60,000coinstowin6,000coins

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Looked for your team and it didn’t pop up in the Tripeaks search engine for me. ??

How is your team regarding club quests?

Sorry but we are full all of a sudden. We make CQ’s a priority and those who X after X don’t max get booted.


Its the weirdest thing that DJ’s Solitaire-Golden Tiki won’t pop up when i search. I sent a screen shot just so you don’t think i am crazy. My handle is Bora Bora Babe .

Burnin’ Kush is a diamond league club. We get all perks and hardly lose any club quests. Goldie by end of Saturday and rest by Sunday’s end. We run a tight ship in competition and usually take first or second place. Our leader this week is Bahaha. She switched out occasionally with one of her spares. You can always look for me, Jean or Hippychick, my spare. We would love to have ya if you want to be in a strong diamond team. We are not looking to moving into Legend, we are comfortable where we are at.

I feel the same way! This game is almost a hobby for me. I love playing and want to be in a club that I can increase points by completing the challenges and working as a team. I play every day and always play in the competitions, bonus quests, club quests, etc. I want to be in a group of people who do the same.


Is your club full at this time?

We are recruiting, if you are interested. My main account is in club right now, her name is Jean. If you can send me your game name, I can look for you. :grin:

Winners r Us! Our aim is to win Club Competitions and Club Quests…We r a friendly bunch from all over the world and post,where to dig during Club Competitions…Please join us…I think u would fit right in! :slight_smile:

Hi Wendimac. Perks & Rec is rebuilding. We are a Platinum level team. Focus on completing Perks, getting Goldie, and min. 20,000 club points per week. We will focus on club quests involving tributes for gems or doublers. We will do some other quests but only about half. Dig is optional, but if you dig, you must focus on getting shovels. Our team is kind and friendly. Life comes first. If you want to join, search Perks Rec and we are the platinum team. Hope to see you soon. Denise

Just Fun fits your requirements. 42,000 week/6,000 day. We don’t worry about nonsense cqs but go all in for the big ones. We are working on rebuilding and would love to have you!

Just Fun would be perfect for you! Help us rebuild.